Atlas structure limit

By GafgarionOctober 5, in General Discussion.

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My main base is pretty large, and has undergone several rebuilds the last year currently working on yet another rebuild but I have yet to hit the total structure limit with it. It pretty much covers the full front of Herbivore island, and has been built out across the water with pillar supports going from all the way down at the ocean floor up to the ceiling pieces. That combined with the other outposts that we have, and the large building from my other friend who merged with us, I imagine we may be getting close to it unless its just a structural limit within a set area range.

There is another tribe thats been on the server for years who has a rather massive base, and i think its even larger then all my building pieces put together, and they still have still be building as well. I'd guess if wildcard was going to change the overall structure limit it would be a decrease in size rather then a increase.

However across the shore from us are two large bases packed with dino's, and we see lag causes by bases like those more often then the large bases that are well maintained.

If my base were to start causing me lag issues then I would start reducing it to solve the problem. We do have normal lag occurrences on the map but the majority of it when those players are offline happen when - someone enters a cave, someone goes into a boss fight, someone teleports multiple times to different locations.

Imagine a loaded area with 8 super bases packed with dinos in it and 40 players, this will cause more server lag then multiple load areas with smaller bases and 40 people across the server. When this happens the lag becomes horrible on the server. With the new structure optimizations the structures arent too much the problem. Youll notice your running lag the lag you have in the base - not the actual first rendering in of the base is mostly caused by dinos, particle effects and lights.

If you paint anything you now have to render the tiles 2x. If you have pieces in your base, painted the game loads the first base pieces then them again with the paint overlay. Dont paint if you are worried about base lag. Once a painted piece you cant undo it besides demoing and replacing. Even if you paint it back stock colour. Dino animations and physics is another huge piece.

Of course its all situational to your size of base. Some bases are just huge lagg monsters if not built with that in mind. How fast a client computer can load your massive base is also dependant from the quality of the client computer. Those with average or low quality computers suffer much more than those with high-end gaming rigs. Basically only the space for the crafting machines is needed. If people are playing ark on newer pc's with higher end video cards, and they are doing worse then me, I think they shouldn't of bought a walmart special and think that it could play games.

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atlas structure limit

Store Page. Global Achievements. Rose View Profile View Posts. Hello, I have my own private server and I'm looking to turn the max structure limit for ships higher but no config setting I have tried works. I have uploaded the configs inside my gameusersettings and game. Does anyone have any solution to this issue? Is there anyway to increase the ships structure limit? This is really getting annoying. I'm even willing to use a mod that fixes this if there is such a mod.

I'm desperate. If anyone can help, please lemme know! Last edited by Rose ; 12 May, am. Showing 1 - 7 of 7 comments. Any luck yet? This would be fun. Originally posted by SirunSong :.

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Last edited by Caldrin ; 27 Dec, am. YAY According to twitter, this will be going live in 20 minutes. Originally posted by Caldrin :.

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First of all; I really appreciate the fact we get the announcements as soon as the updates are being realized in the process. It gives the majority of the players something we missed alot in ARK and thats communications. And second; Keep up the good work! I know I've been salty pre-launch, but I'm having a blast playing this game. Your new patch screwed over everyone thats not in a huge crew by blowing up ships with ships of the damned spawning just outside the freeports and blowing you up in 5 hits.

Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 4 Jul am. Posts: 1, Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Any way to turn off or turn off Vitamins? No fibers on some regions! Anyone successful in breeding cats?By SkyroguenFebruary 9, in General Discussion. The Galleon is now even harder to customize. They need to have different build limits based on ship size. There is NO reason a sloop needs a build limit, but a build limit is not enough for a Galleon.

Planks, masts, decks and cannons count against this build limit. This is ridiculous. One thing I have noticed about a lot of people that run into the build limit quickly, they have rope ladders on all 6 masts, at 14 rope ladders each that is 84 ladders, right away, you only need one with ladders.

Then they try and compartmentalize everything, for each deck you only need a 3 walls a ramp and a door to secure each deck, that is 5 per deck 10 if you do fore and aft ways down. I only have ropes on my forward mast. I accidentally demolished on section and when I tried to replace it it said I have reached my build limit. I removed a couple of cosmetic railings and it still says I am at my build limit.

With out customization then every galleon looks the same. I want compartments.

Icl3 shape

I have very few. I want a hold deck, I have stripped it to the minimum. I want a weather deck. The build limit is not enough.

And PvE is not a bad word.

atlas structure limit

Some of us enjoy RP. Some of us like to build for the sake of building. This is the issue if you limit building not just structure limits either the crew limits are pretty tight as well on the larger ships if you want them fully manned to the bare minimum necessary for PVP and protection you kill creativity and drive away people like myself who have zero interest in PVP but love to craft and build.

My prefered schooner design has a whole bunch of design choices that do nothing for it as a ship but make it feel like a home. I have dividing walls in the lower deck solely so I can have a store room, kitchen, living room and crew room plus the captains cabin on the upper deck. I have tables and chairs down there for the NPC crew, I made and put on the same crew cloth, hide and fur armours for different climates simply because it adds to the realism of the game for me.

I would have given them all swords not for melee but simply so they had a cutlas hanging off their belt only you can't have one on them that way its either equipped or invisible.

All this stuff would be counting against structure limits, crew weight, etc but I do it because to me it makes the game a little more real and a little more fun. I'm part of a company where we have two galleons and outside of group events like raiding a golden age ruin I almost never go near them because to me they have no life and no interest.

I can't put rope ladders on all 6 sails Structure limitI can't make a dining area and crew cabin structure limits and weight.

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They are great at killing ships of the damned and may be ok in PVP we haven't really had ship to ship combat yet but that doesn't interest me and building wise we've got parts of the decks that are just unfinished and never will be finished because for PVP other priorities take up the structure limit and so they simply aren't a part of the game i'm interested in bothering with.

Increase the structure limit and on the interior decks I can have fun making the galleons look more like a real functioning ship rather than a platform to transport 60 odd NPC's with canons between fights. We've build limits in place for 2 reasons.Ships are a core mechanic of Atlas. Ships are built in shipyards and used to travel the world and fight other ships. To start building a ship, you need to first build a shipyard be sure to place the shipyard entirely in water even if the placement system allows you to place it half inand then construct a ship frame from that shipyard it works exactly like the other crafting stations, just deposit your resources and click on the frame you want to craft.

Note: For ships beyond the Raft and Dinghy, you will also need a Smithy and a Loom to craft the planks, decks, and sails, as well as some of the structures you may want to install on the ship.

Once you have a frame crafted, you'll need to craft a deck and some planks. When attempting to place them on the frame, you'll see the locations that the part can snap to. When all of your decks and planks are placed, you can craft wooden walls, ceilings, doors, etc.

These will take on special ship-styled appearances once placed. Max level depending on shipyard quality level. Ship quality increases maximum level. Total number of visible characters on the Ship's Name Plate on the Stern of the ship is 18 max characters. Weight - Adds more maximum weight capacity to ship, while reducing the weight affect on its speed.

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Sturdiness - Reduces sinking rates and reduces rate of offshore item spoiling and character vitals depletion. Extra crew - Increases the total number of crew, players, tames, or other passengers allowed on the ship.

Extra beds - Adds more beds, improves crew anchored automatic hull repairing speed and reduces overall crew payment amount over time. Sign In.

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atlas structure limit

This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. Support Contact PRO. Ramshackle Sloop. Tiny Shipyard. Small Shipyard.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. So, I have my own server which is hosted on Nitrado. Its only myself and two other people who are on the server so. Anyways the problem is no matter what we set the build limit too its capped at 15kish.

How do we change it? Is there a correct way to put the numbers that I'm not doing right? It's rather annoying as we are in the middle of building a castle dungen and all and we hit the limit in a weird radius It has not stop saying that the cap has been reached.

So, we ended up taking a bunch of things down to try and rework it but we quickly have found that we cant even place the same items back where they were. I have reset the server Tried uping the build limit I'm not sure what to do at this point.

We really want to finish the build. Heck we are paying for own own server to build freely Showing 1 - 10 of 10 comments. Kazarl View Profile View Posts. Maybe it's this line in the GameUserSettings. I'm actually rather annoyed now with Nitrado I called them for help At first I get that its an known issue between them and wildcard Told me their build limit was 50k However still leaving the setting on k And finally after it everything and having to call them back after I could log in and test if it was working Its not Then I call back and say oh I see you have mods.

So, its probably because you have mods WE've spent over hours building this thing. And I'm NOT going to delete it on oh maybe that will fix it. It ended up sounding like a cop out. Specially when you first claimed it was an issue between wildcard and their systems and they didn't even have any idea if or when it would get fix. I'm just gah. I'm NOT at all tech knowledgeable which is why I like using them as a host because its made simple.

Originally posted by JDaremo Fireheart :. Originally posted by verylostgoldfish :. Last edited by Kazarl ; 27 Aug, pm.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements.

Payne View Profile View Posts. Anyone got a reliable answer? Is it even limited by a square size or is it spherical? Showing 1 - 12 of 12 comments. Kenny View Profile View Posts. Last edited by Payne ; 7 Jan, am. Could someone with deep game knowledge or developer comment on this post? Pycco View Profile View Posts. Last edited by Pycco ; 7 Jan, pm. Originally posted by Pycco :. Last edited by Payne ; 7 Jan, pm.


Any chance of getting a dev comment on this? Still hoping to find someone who has firsthand information about this. Originally posted by Maedean Shepard :. It looks like it affects a 20x30 area I have a 10 floor base about 20x20 with a birdcage on top 20 high railings with a behemoth gate and hatches on top to hold argies quetzals and 4 more cages 1 for every 2 wyverns. And I hit structure limit after a bunch of pres bins vaults and ac's it seems to include everything built in the area attached to building blocks like electrical wires,lamps,fridges etc.

But I can still build my 4 corner towers not attached to the 20x30 main building. Tanchyon View Profile View Posts. Probably render distance? Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 7 Jan, am. Posts: Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts.

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